The Drawing Lab - a series of social events of covert experimental drawing

Each month, DRAW collaborates with a Bristol artist/group to create an interactive and immersive setting for a drawing workshop to take place, where innovative and experimental activities explore new approaches to drawing. The content and theme of each workshop is be kept secret until the night. All becomes clear as they begin...
Thursdays monthly at The Island, 6-9pm. Commencing 28th March 2013

DRAW is a small independent group of artists (all Alumni DAA) with a passion for drawing and the drawing process. Their individual practices fuel the varied approaches to drawing that are used as critical and educative tools. DRAW organises and delivers drawing workshops to groups in schools, colleges, galleries, museums, community and other venues. Their engaging approach aims to link the drawing activity to the setting or situation in which it takes place.

To find out more about DRAW and the Drawing Lab events click here

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