Marja Nurminen       9.1.2013

Drawing Laboratory at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

From 8th of April to 12th of April 9 am to 4 pm

In the evenings there will be optional study visits in museums, galleries, artist studios and so on.

Place:   Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture, Helsinki,   class 903

Who:  8 Students Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

8 Students  University of the West of England,  Bristol from Study Programme: Drawing and Applied Arts

Teachers: Senior Lecturer John France (UWE) University Lecturer Marja Nurminen (Aalto Arts), Senior Lecturer Peter Ojstersek (University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy)


1. Sunday Arrival Day

2. Monday 8th of April Marja Nurminen

is having lecture about drawing as thinking and about how she uses  drawing as thinking in her own work. Assignment for one day.

- Can you have drawing as a method in your artistic process?

- Can you travel in your memory by help of drawing?

- Can you think by drawing or do you have to think first before drawing or

afterwards when you have finished your drawing?

Draw an important place (drawing by memory) Try to show the place to

people who haven’t been there. Use different projections, not only central


3.  Tuesday 9th of April Peter Ojstersek

is having a lecture about his art. Assignment for one day. Starting point  with investigation of one for the most of us new drawing material  (silicon). Silicon has an own soft flexible body and doesn´t need a carrier  in a traditional way as a paper wall etc.

With silicon its  possible to create soft flexible drawings what also can be  reorganized. It also possible to mix different medias together,

You can also use silicone to enclose other materials.

We start the workshop with organize the place of work.

I will show you how to make rebuild pipe nozzles so you can get thinner  lines.

We continuing with pigmentation of silicon and after that we start to  investigate silicone as a drawing material.

I will support you during the workshop.

4.  Wednesday 10th of April John France is having a lecture about collaborative  praxis how he experienced it in the arts and science program. The initial  meeting will begin dialogues between two paired participants who are  from different disciplines and different cultures. These dialogues will be  used to translate each others ideas and methodologies in the general  agreed approach. These dialogues will also search for concrete  realizations in art and help develop collaborative language and ideology.  This will lead to an agreed process of transition and testing an agreed  language and method. Collaborative assignment for intercultural  partnerships.

5. Thursday 11th of April

Continue with those works, which are not ready.

6. Friday 12th of April

Curatorial discussion and display

One day exhibition at Gallery Atski

Critic day

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